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Bad news...

I hate to do this having just returned from my trip but I'm having some health issues...

My headaches are worsening- to the point where I'm not going to be able to be comfortably on the computer, at all. It's like one big headache that just never ever goes away. I've got enough medication from the hospital to last me for a while (though it'll run out before my doctor's appointment, whee) but all that does is keep the pain down to a manageable level if I'm laying in a quiet dark room.

The soonest doctor appointment they had is August 13th (next Friday). I'm hoping they'll be able to do something for me- it's not just the RPs, but I do all my writing at the computer. I need the computer work on my poems and such. This is really a large setback for me.

I'm going to have to be out until I see the doctor, at least. Hopefully he can give me a medication strong enough to kill this migraine from hell and make the computer bearable again.

If my characters are needed for something, Aus'll play them - so shouldn't be a problem and I hope to be back soon.

Sorry for any problems this causes. ={

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